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We are Crealevity Technologies, a leading IT and management consulting company, dedicated to spearheading digital transformation in the financial services sector. Specializing in delivering comprehensive, end-to-end data-driven solutions and expediting rapid digital initiatives, we cater to a spectrum of areas including banking payments, capital markets, wealth and asset management, data management, and regulatory reporting. Operating seamlessly at the intersection of business and technology, we fuse innovative thinking with unparalleled industry expertise to propel our clients toward success.

Service offerings

Delivering comprehensive financial solutions, our service offerings in the financial domain encompass strategic wealth management, tailored investment advice, and cutting-edge financial technology solutions to empower clients in achieving their fiscal goals.

Capital markets

Capital markets are dynamic financial ecosystems where financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives, are bought and sold by various participants, including investors, companies, and governments. These markets play a pivotal role in facilitating the flow of capital and determining the cost of capital for businesses. Capital markets are typically divided into primary and secondary markets.

Banking payments

Banking payments involve a variety of transactions, allowing individuals, businesses, and institutions to transfer funds and settle financial obligations. Integral to the banking and financial system, these transactions encompass electronic transfers, card transactions, mobile payments, and more. Efficiency and security in banking payments play a crucial role in facilitating economic activities.

Data management

Data management is the systematic organization and maintenance of data throughout its lifecycle. It involves collecting, validating, and storing data . Ensuring accuracy and security, data management includes processes like integration, transformation, and analytics. Effective data management is essential for informed decision-making, and optimizing business operations.

Wealth managem.

Wealth management is a holistic financial advisory service dedicated to high-net-worth individuals. It encompasses strategic financial planning, investment management, and estate planning to optimize wealth growth and preservation. With a focus on personalized solutions, wealth managers navigate diverse financial landscapes, offering expertise in asset allocation, and long-term financial well-beings.

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With us, your business will gain value and agility, leaving you more time for the things that matter to you. By choosing the quickest delivery path, we optimize your implementation costs by applying the Agile methodology to your special growth and integration requirements.

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With an emphasis on building long-term strategic partnerships that foster collaboration and trust, our approach is tailored to each client’s business problem. We provide excellent services with the right people, the right vision, and the right passion to help you meet your business goals.

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We continuously optimise our processes and systems across the entire value chain to deliver the highest quality experience to our clients. We always strive to improve productivity, quality, and reduce costs.

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Our founding members, partners, and executive directors have led the company to organic and strategic growth. We aim to provide best customer satisfaction through our consulting services, which is the basis of our growth strategy.

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With the right people, the right vision, and the right passion, we are able to achieve your business goals by providing excellent services with tailored made solutions in each phase of project delivery.

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